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Erica Davenport

Lab Supervisor

Erica Davenport has 13 years of experience in performing asphalt testing and asphalt mix designs. She has significant experience providing quality control (QC) testing on many Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) and Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) highway asphalt pavement construction jobs. Some of the QC tasks Erica has significant experience performing including gathering hot mix asphalt samples during paving, obtaining hot mix asphalt samples from the asphalt plant, help perform profiling of roadway surface, and also obtaining in field densities of hot mix asphalt pavements using a nuclear density gauge.


Erica is proficient at performing laboratory testing of hot mix asphalt independently and in a timely fashion. In addition, she is trained and is experienced in designing asphalt mixes. Erica also has training performing asphalt binder testing, and performance testing, and played a role helping set up the CMTG performance testing laboratory.


Associate of Arts

Metropolitan Community College


OSHA 10-Hour


Basic Math



Aggregate Technician


Bituminous Technician

Superpave QA/QC


HAT-Hot Mix Asphalt

Aggregate Specific Gravity


American Public Works Association (APWA) testing for Blue Springs Overlay project

APWA testing for Independence Overlay project

APWA testing for Lee’s Summit Overlay project

APWA testing for Kansas City Overlay project

APWA testing for Platte Co. Overlay project

APWA testing for Liberty Overlay project

QC testing on Overland Park Intermediate Leveling Course (OPILC)

Superpave QC testing on 92 Hwy

Superpave QC testing on 152 Hwy

Superpave QC testing on I-435

Superpave QC testing on 291

Superpave QC testing on 45 Hwy

Superpave QC testing on I-35

Superpave QC testing on I-29

Superpave QC testing on 71 Hwy

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